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 Terms of Use – Gharelu

  Please carefully read the following terms and conditions. Use of our services is conditional on your agreement to and acceptance of the    accompanying statements. 

  You accept that you have read and understand the terms and conditions and are willing to be bound by the statements below whenever you    subscribe or use any of our services.

  Note: In these Terms, references to ‘you’, ‘your’, ‘user’ shall mean the end user accessing the website, and ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’, ‘Company’ shall mean Gharelu. 


 The Company owns and operates the website Gharelu.co.in, which is an e-commerce portal. Use of the website is contingent on your  unconditional agreement of all terms and conditions established by the Company at its sole discretion and displayed on the website. 

  1.  Using the website’s services and facilities in any way, the user agrees to the Company’s terms and privacy policy. 
  2.  Browsing the content on the website.

  The Company shall not be required to notify you about the modifications made in the terms; the revised terms should be determined by checking the website on a regular basis. Use of services and facilities on the website is subject to the current version of the policy, hence to know about any updates in the policy shall be the sole responsibility of the user.

Product Policy

 The product depicted in the image is a reference product; the new manufactured product may differ from the one depicted in the image due to  factors like lighting, manual polishing, texture, and so on. 

 There may be a little difference in finish between the actual product and the images shown on our website. 

User Account, Password, and Security

  A user can access the services after completing the website registration process. To make an account on our website, you’ll need to provide  some personal information. The user is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the User Id and password received after  completing the registration process. Users are also responsible for any activity occurring under the account, thus making sure to exit at the end  of each session to prevent unauthorized access of your account or breach of security. The Company shall not be responsible for any loss or  damage emerged if you fail to obey the terms. User is responsible for the validity of account information provided during the website  registration process. In case of submission of untrue, incomplete or inaccurate information the Company has the end rights to suspend or  terminate your account.

Product and Pricing Information

 The Product’s pricing information will be as published on the Website and as communicated to You at the time of purchase or order. We cannot  promise that the price will be the lowest for comparable products in any given neighbourhood, city, area, or location. Prices and availability are  subject to change at any time without prior notification or obligation to You.

 Gharelu strives to provide accurate information relating to Products and Services including pricing information or availability, but typographical  and other errors may occur. In the event that a Product or Service is listed at an incorrect price or with incorrect information due to an error,  Gharelu will have the right to modify the price of the Product or Services and contact   You for further instructions via e-mail address provided by You at the time of registration, or cancel the order and notify You of such cancellation. If Gharelu cancels the order after the payment has been processed, the said amount will be remitted to Your account from which the payment was made.

 Gharelu reserves the right to change the discounts offered at any time during the sale and without prior notice. Discount values on various  coupons and offers have been rounded off to avoid conflicts due to decimal values in internal calculations. For example: > A value of ₹99.95 will be rounded off to be ₹100

 Disclaimer of Warranties and Liability

 We make sure that all the information posted on the website is correct, however the Company never warrants the accuracy, quality and    completeness of data, product, and services.

 The Company shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages caused by:

  1.  The use or inability of use of services;
  2.  Unauthorized access to the user’s data; and
  3.  Any matter is related to the services.

 The Company is not responsible for any delays or inability to use the website or services, as well as any information, software, or graphics  obtained from the website. Furthermore, we are not liable for the website’s unavailability during scheduled maintenance or for any unintentional suspension caused by technical issues. 

 You acknowledge that data obtained from the website is done entirely through your wisdom. Thus you agree that you will be responsible for any  damage and loss caused to your computer with such data.

 Violation of the Terms of Use

 The Company, in its sole and absolute discretion, may terminate the access to the website of any user in case of violation of the terms or  additional terms. You consent to the injunctive or equitable remedy taken by us after the contravention of the terms of use that causes  irreparable loss to the Company.

 You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Gharelu, its affiliate, directors, employees from and against any and all losses, liabilities, damages,  claims and expenses incurred by the Company that emerged of infringement, non-performance of any warranty or obligation performed by you. 

 Further, you agree to hold the Company harmless against any claims made by any third party due to your use of the website that caused  damaged to a third party. The Company will also be entitled to redeem from you and you agree to pay any cost and fees of such action.

 Governing Law

 Terms, transacTerms, transactions and any mutual claims between you and the Company shall be governed in accordance with the laws of  India.tions and any mutual claims between you and the Company shall be governed in accordance with the laws of India.

 General Provisions

  1.  Notice: All notices from the Company will be served either by general notification on the website or via an email to the designated account.
  2.  Assignment: Rights of the Company, under the terms of use, are freely transferable to any third party without the requirement to ask for your consent.
  3.  Severability: Provision of the terms, or any portion because of that, found unenforceable by a competent jurisdiction, shall not affect other portions of the terms.
  4.  Waiver: Failure to enforce or exercise any provision of the terms by the Company, shall not constitute a waiver of such provision.
  5.  Feedback and Information: The Company is free to use the feedback provided by you to the website. You warrant that:
    • Your feedback does not contain any confidential information about you.
    • Wooden Street is not committed under any liabilities of confidentiality.
    • Under any circumstances, you are not entitled to any compensation for the feedback.

 How do I track my order?

 We proactively get in touch with the customer, either through electronic means or through emails, to notify them about the status of their  product and where it is in transit. If, in a rare case, you haven’t received communication of any form from us after 10 days of placing an order,  feel free to give us a call at our customer care number 9368864036 or drop an email at info@gharelu.co.in 

 What is the estimated time for a delivery?

 Team Gharelu is dedicated to dispatching your products within a week; however, in exceptional situations like transport strike, riots, natural  calamities (like rains, flood, earthquakes, etc.), it might happen that the Est delivery time may exceed the promised timeline. In such situations;  you will be given updates about your products, and Gharelu will be responsible to keep your products on priority and deliver as early as possible.  We humbly request your cooperation in above exceptional situations, as your support is essential to ensure that we continue to keep serving  you with high quality products.

 As the custom products are manufactured from scratch on order, sometimes, the timeline can get extended.

 This delivery time is not applicable for some specific pin codes.

 Are there any delivery or installation charges, or any hidden fees?

 The free delivery is only applicable for the order above 5000 rupees. The company does not provide any installation service in any condition.

 What should I check when the product is delivered to me?

 When the product has been delivered to your doorstep, please ensure the following:

 Please check all the external surfaces of your product for any forms of breakages, cracks, chip-offs, unfinished patches or insect infestations.

 Once the product has been delivered to you, and after your inspections. Gharelu won’t be liable to any damage that occurs due to mishandling or rough usage. Any self-mishandled or damage issues reported after successful delivery, will not be considered as the company’s responsibility. In such circumstances the customer is 100% accountable for these self-damages caused to the product and shall not receive any replacement or refund from the company. As well any damage on inspection if found due to rigid use or mis-handling will overpass the criteria of refund/replacement or compensations. 

Will the product be exactly as shown on the Website?

Gharelu tries its best to deliver Products and Services exactly the way they are described on the Website. However, the nature and tendency of natural material-based products is that each product is unique in its own way. Gharelu hereby disclaims any guarantees of exactness of the finish or appearance of the final Products or Services ordered by the User over and above generally acceptable standards on the same. The quality of the Products, Services, information, or other material purchased or obtained by you through the Website may not meet your expectations. 

What if I receive a damaged product or there is a manufacturing defect?

  • We practice highly specialized and strict quality control measures to ensure that the product is up to our standards even at the time of delivery. In case you do happen to receive a product that has been damaged during transportation, or there is some manufacturing defect, such as, balancing, levelling, fabric, etc., please raise this issue with us and contact us with providing photographic evidence of the said issue. Our team will assess the issue and get back to you within 2-3 business days. Depending on the degree of the damage in question, we shall provide you the solution. For issues concerning manufacturing defects, a solution will be provided.
  • Gharelu shall have the sole right to determine whether the product is defective or not. (also mention specification)
  • We request the customer to take an unboxing video in order to claim for refund as it is very important for us to receive the unboxing video in order to move further with the refund. 

When will I get a refund, if eligible?

If you are eligible for any refund, the same shall be given to you as per the following guidelines:

  • All refunds process initiation shall be subject to pick up of all cancelled items from Your/customer’s premises.
  • Post receiving the products back, a refund shall be initiated within 2-3 business days.
  • Refunds will be initiated via NEFT, cash or by the way payment was originally made.
  • Depending on the orders, the processing charges might be deducted. 

Bulk order Policy 

  • Sample will be chargeable at retail price for any bulk order and the amount can be adjusted after the final order. 
  • To complete a bulk order, we will need at least a week depending on the product as our products are handmade which takes time to heal. But you can always contact us regarding queries related to shipping time.